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                           The Set Up Of “SJTU Training Centre for KUKA Robot Technology”   

On the purpose of cooperation and win-win, Shanghai Jiao Tong University actively develops technology cooperation and communication with KUKA Company. In early 2008, Joint Laboratory of Intelligentized KUKA Welding Robot & Engineering Applications was built after friendly consultation, on basis of which the “SJTU Training Centre for KUKA Robot Technology” was set up. 
The Joint Laboratory has complementary advantages of research foundation of advanced intelligent robotic technology and training environment of R & D talent in SJTU, together with advanced technology & equipment and engineering background of KUKA. The Laboratory will carry out comprehensive cooperation with KUKA in R & D of robotic technology and products. Cooperation between the two sides will take advantage of CEEUSRO, and accelerate the achievements transformation of automation, information processing, robotics, computer communications technology and so on of SJTU, and also enhance technological competitiveness of KUKA products, which can jointly promote rapid development of China’s industrial robot industry.   

An industrial robot (KR5arc) and 3 external axis systems with relevant arc welding interfaces and software were provided by KUKA Company in Jun, 2008, for the use of demonstration, research and development coordinated with power and matching equipment of united suppliers. KUKA Company will update the software and hardware at the appropriate time according to the development of KUKA robotic technology and operation condition of the Joint Laboratory, in order to keep the advancement of KUKA robotic system used in demonstration and R & D, meanwhile, the laboratory shoots at the desired results to become the window of latest KUKA robotic technology. KUKA
Company will offer technical information relevant to the robot system and provide necessary technical assistance for the building of experimental units and the further development.   

The two sides maintain regular cooperation and technological exchanges, aiming at mutual promotion and common development. Both sides fend to make annual R & D plans combined with the development of new KUKA robotic technology and special needs of engineering applications. The two sides shares the research achievements of projects set up in the Joint Laboratory, the laboratory will also recommend and transport excellent professional to KUKA.   

On 19th of December, 2008, the opening ceremony and press conference of "Joint Laboratory of Intelligentized KUKA Welding Robot & Engineering Applications" and "SJTU Training Centre for KUKA Robot Technology" held in No.500 Material .A. Building. Professor Su Ming , Vice-Party secretary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Bruno Geiger, KUKA Robotics Ltd., president of the Asia-Pacific region attended the opening ceremony.   

For the Detailed, please refer to the report of opening ceremony.   

The Joint Laboratory was run in June 2008 in cooperation:   
1) Cooperative research programs which have been carried out:   
Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project with Qingpu District, Shanghai: KUKA robot visual sensor system. Beginning and ending date: 2008.08.01-2009.09.30.   
2) The first KUKA robot programmer training class has been completed.    
    For further information ,please see the introduction of training centre.   
3) Flexible KUKA robot system in the Joint Laboratory.

                                                                                 [Translated by Mr. Liangqiang ZHAO]

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