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Joint Laboratory of SJTU-FANUC Robot for Intelligentized Welding Technology & Engineering Applications----The 2nd Meeting of the Committee of Experts And the Technical Exchange Symposium

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    On December 28th,2012, the 2nd meeting of the Committee of Experts and technical exchange Symposium was held in FUNAC-SHANGHAI Robot Co.,Ltd.

    In this meeting, Dr. Kong Meng of FANUC first gave a report about “The Intelligentized Arc Welding Technology Based on FANUC Robot ”. And then, Dr. Chen Huabin of SJTU made a report on the whole study work in the Joint Laboratory in 2012 and the work plan for 2013. The every experts attended in the meeting gave their suggestions for the further development and the plan the Joint Lab of in 2013.  

     Prof. Chen Shanben of SJTU and Mr. Qian Hui, the general manager of the FUNAC-SHANGHAI Robot Co.,Ltd, made the address in the meeting respectively.
     After the meeting, all attendances visited the demonstrations of all kinds of FANUC robots

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