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2018 International Conference on Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation/ The 12th Chinese Conference on Robotic Welding



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Founded in Dec. 2008, "SJTU Training Centre for KUKA Robot Technology" has a flexible nine-axis KUKA robot system(KR 5 ARC), which can be applied to demostrate the welding, installation, transportation and other manufacturing process. KUKA company will update the system according to their technology innovations.


The Training Centre has 4 teachers with KUKA Robot Trainer Certificate and 3 teachers with Export-level Programmer Certificate. KUKA company will also provide information on the latest technology according to their innovation of robot technology.


The Training Centre established a perfect operation mechanism of management,teaching programs,admissions,assessment and certification.


The Training Centre will provide a opportunity for students in SJTU to study KUKA robots and obtain robot programmer certificate authorized by KUKA. The first training class has been completed during Feb.16th to Mar.13th, 2009.


The Training Centre will also recommend the excellent professional after training to KUKA.


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