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On the morning of 20th, December, 2005, a R&D centre signing ceremony was held between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and ABB Robot Research Centre in the conference room of the recreation centre. The party committee assistant deputy secretary, Prof. Su Ming represented our university and signed a technical cooperation agreement to make further and deeper cooperation in the field of robot system technology and develop industrial robot in the world advanced standard. 

This cooperation involved many research institutes among the school of Material Science, Mechanics and Electronic Information, and also it was an international project and an interdisciplinary research. In the process of world’s leading university establishment, our university emphasized the deep alliance with the world famous companies and interdisciplinary construction. The ABB global multinational enterprise is a world famous electronics and automation group. Our cooperation is not only beneficial to the improvement of robot research of our university, and also to the market development of ABB China Group. Both sides believed it was a win-win choice and a good beginning, and it could finally meet the desired outcomes through a long-term cooperation.  

The signing ceremony was held by Cao Zhaomin, the Associate Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology. Present at the ceremony were Mr. Shan Aidang, the Associate Dean of the School of Material Science, Prof. Chen Shanben, Yangtze River Scholar of the School of Material Science, Prof. Cao Qixin from the School of Mechanics, Prof. Chen Weidong from the School of Electronic Information, Ms. Charlotte Brogren and Dr. ChunYuan Gu from ABB Research Centre. ABB Research Centre issued the plaques of associated labs to three professors. 
Plaque of associated lab of intelligent welding robot  

The lab has been run for three years. 
1. Some cooperative research projects are: 
(1)(Research on Recognition and Tracking Seam, and Autonomous Control of Weld Shaping Based on Visual Sensing for ABB Arc Welding Robot),No. 702139, $ 43,000, 2005.10-2008.12. 
(2) (Tracking Seam System based on arc sensing for ABB welding robot) , 2008.10-2009.12, $15,000, ABB robot system was donated. 
2. Associated application for 3 patents 
3. 3 lab graduates working in ABB Corporation 
4.ABB robot system of the associated lab 

Website of introduction of ABB

                                                                                              [Translated by Mr. Chao MA]

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